Abby Lee Miller has turned herself in at the FCI Victorville to begin her 366-day prison sentence after she pleaded guilty to bankruptcy fraud in May. The "Dance Moms" instructor was supposed to surrender on June 30, but requested to push the date back due to her health condition. Aside from that, the 50-year-old was allowed to serve her sentence at a facility near her residence in California.

Miller faces prison over bankruptcy fraud

According to Entertainment Tonight, the dance instructor arrived at the facility at around 12:05 p.m. for her 2:00 p.m.

schedule. The production team of the Lifetime channel was even present to capture Miller's surrender. It should be noted that the "Dance Moms" star reportedly filmed a special series where she talked about her case and sentencing.

Attorney Robert Ridge said his client is just looking forward to comply with court order to see the end of her bankruptcy fraud scandal. He revealed Miller was emotional but has accepted the fact that she cannot avoid this chapter. Miller, however, is optimistic to see the end of this controversy.

Aside from her 366-day prison sentence, Miller was also fined $40,000 and will serve a two-year probation after her imprisonment. The controversial TV personality will have to stay at a residence approved by the authorities while under probation.

A few days before her sentencing started, the "Dance Moms" star said she has been enjoying herself while waiting for her surrender date. In fact, she was bound to meet her friends from Pittsburgh when the publication interviewed her over the weekend.

The dance instructor said she and her colleagues will just talk about anything and anyone and will try to figure out who have all the money she was accused of divvying up.

Miller was referring to allegations that she reportedly asked her friends to carry an amount of $120,000 on her behalf in 2014. Reports said the instructor had promised to surrender the said amount after she was investigated for trying to hide her income overseas.

Departure from 'Dance Moms' after six years

Two months before she was sentenced by a federal judge over bankruptcy fraud, Miller announced her exit from the reality program.

In a fiery Instagram post, the dance instructor said the show has failed to give her proper credit for her ideas and contribution for the past seven seasons.

Miller even said that she regretted taking part in the Lifetime program where she felt "disrespected, manipulated, and used."