Tuesday on "The Young and the Restless," Nicholas Newman was determined to stop his mother's concert to benefit MS. He tampered with the sound board and it began to smoke. On Wednesday the safety inspector tells Abby that he has to shut everything down. Spoiler alerts indicate that Noah will save the day on Thursday.

Abby is frantic and Victor is angry

After the safety inspector tells the Newmans that the show cannot go on, Abby becomes frantic. She is the one who will get the blame and she wants to fix the problem. She begs the inspector for more time, as does Victor.

The inspector insists that he must look out for the safety of the concert-goers and will not budge from his position. He believes it is in everyone's best interest to cancel the benefit gala. Victor continues to throw his weight around, while Abby looks for solutions.

Chelsea is watching the drama unfold with a very sad look on her face, She alone knows that Nick sabotaged the soundboard. She cannot believe he will allow his family to suffer this way. Nick believes he is doing what is best for his mother, because he is convinced that she will not be able to make it through the benefit concert. He is concerned that the stress will be too much and Nikki will have a painful MS episode.

Abby does not know any of this and is having the entire electrical system checked out.

People are arriving and Nikki is looking worried. Abby is also sparring with her sister Victoria. She seems to misinterpret everything her sibling says and always thinks Vicky is putting her down. Nick stands silently, keeping his secret to himself as Nikki seems worried and begins wringing her hands together.

Noah saves the day for the benefit concert

Spoiler alerts indicate that Noah will figure out what the problem is and will produce a second soundboard. Abby will be troubled, finding out that Nick knew about the additional soundboard and did not let anyone know. She will be upset but won't immediately address the situation with her half-brother.

The show will go on as planned and Victor is pleased.

Nick will be troubled over the fact that his plan did not work. He probably does not even realize that his actions align with something his father would have done. The more he tries to distance himself from Victor the more he begins to operate just like his dad. Spoilers say Nick will be looking on as the benefit concert begins because he is still concerned with his mother's condition. Stay tuned for additional "Young and the Restless" updates to find out what happens next.