While Spider-Man is now being co-produced between Marvel Studios/Disney and Sony Pictures, the hero has gotten a new lease on life. “Spider-Man: Homecoming” was critically lauded and made a lot of money already. However, while Spider-Man is back with Marvel – at least in a partnership – Sony Pictures still holds the rights to the character’s world and they are moving forward with some movies based on Spider-Man side characters.

A number of interesting developments from the upcoming “Venom” movie hit the San Diego Comic-Con last week and now there are some developments revealed about another Spider-Man universe movie – this one with the female characters in his world.

The movie “Silver & Black” will feature two female Spider-Man associates – The Black Cat and Silver Sable.

“Silver & Black”

Anyone who has read Spider-Man comics, and many others who have watched the animated films, have heard of The Black Cat. This character is Felicia Hardy, a former cat burglar whose super power is causing bad luck to befall her enemies. The Spider-Man universe at Sony Pictures already introduced the character, although she did not have her powers or her Black Cat persona. She appeared in “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” as Harry Osborne’s personal assistant as played by Felicity Jones.

Silver Sable is a lesser known character. She was prominent back in the ‘90s but has not been seen much since then outside of small appearances.

In Marvel Comics, Silver Sable is the leader of her own Silver Sable International, a for-profit organization who hunts down war criminals. Silver Sable has no actual super powers but is an expert markswoman and also carries a sword.

According to director Gina Prince-Bythewood, she hopes that bringing a superhero movie that features two “damaged women” as the leads will help bring something new to the entire superhero genre of movies.

She also said that the two characters will “walk the line” between being heroes and villains in the world.

Comic-Con revelations

When the movie was talked about at the San Diego Comic-Con, news of a bunch of other Marvel characters appearing in the “Silver & Black” movie surfaced. These characters are Tombstone, Scorpion, Gaunt, Tarantula, and Chameleon.

Most of these characters are familiar to anyone who has read Spider-Man comic books for very long.

Starting off, Scorpion is an interesting choice. He actually appeared in the post-credit scene in “Spider-Man: Homecoming.” The scene showed Vulture (Michael Keaton) in prison for his crimes when he meets up with another prisoner who says he heard Vulture knows who Spider-Man really is. That prisoner was never named but he had a scorpion tattoo on his neck and was clearly meant to symbolize him.

Tombstone is someone who is familiar with people who watched the Spider-Man animated series, a gangster who has a beef with The Black Cat. He is super strong and his skin is almost impenetrable. Gaunt is lesser known but originally created Green Goblin’s formula and repeated that role in the Sam Raimi movie “Spider-Man.” Tarantula is similar to Scorpion, a petty criminal. Finally, Chameleon is a Russian spy and the master of disguise. He is likely to be who Silver Sable is after in the “Silver & Black” movie.