'The L Word' is coming back and it does not matter if viewers are 'straight' or not. So many fans are absolutely thrilled that "The L Word" will be back on the screen. Viewers will once again enjoy the drama, laughs, sex, and of course Shane. This drama series is about the lifestyle of a group of lesbians in LA with their families, friends, and secret affairs.

'The L Word' recap

There are so many questions to be answered about what happened at the end of season 6. Like who killed Jenny and why? Yeah, she had her moments but she was a big fan favorite character on the show.

She was just trying to help and she was completely and brutally honest which made people love her more. Jenny was cute but very mischievous.

What about Bette? Will Bette and Tina actually work things out this time? They were so on and off it was almost ridiculous! Bette was sometimes just too much and it was just crazy that she actually cheated on Tina in the first place. Will Alice and Tasha work things out with each other?

For Shane lovers - will she actually find someone she truly loves and settles down or will she pull another idiotic move as she did with Carmen? It would be nice to see her not mess with another innocent female the way she did with Carmen. Even fans felt that Shane was so messed up.

Will Max actually give his child up for adoption to Bette and Tina or was he just panicking? Oh, and what happened to Marina? She was hardly shown at all in season 6 when she actually came back during Jenny's book signing.

Jenny's death and other questions

To the creators of 'The L Word' please give your followers answers about Jenny's death?

They really need to know what happened to that girl. It is really hard to imagine any of the other girls killing anyone!

Hailey's character Alice was a bit much and it seems like Bette was willing to do anything to get what she wants. Also, it's funny how Nikki popped out of nowhere from the bushes. But would she actually kill Jenny?

Lot's of people thought it was going to be Jenny's assistant as she seemed too suspect. Did Jenny push Max too far by calling him the wrong name and through the way she acted during the baby shower? However, it is unlikely that she necessarily had to be killed off! Viewers would love answers during season 7 about Jenny.

The three main leads of the show

The three main leads of the show such as Leisha Hailey (Alice), Jennifer Beals (Bette), and Kate Moennig (Shane) are coming for season 7 as executive producers of "The L Word." Don’t worry fans as the show projects move forward these lovely ladies will actually appear on the show. They will just be around a completely new cast with more drama about love, friends, and their lives. There will also be a few other old cast members showing their faces in this hit series.