In what came as a huge surprise last week, Fox announced that they are making a movie about Venom - the Spider-Man villain introduced in the Sam Raimi movie "Spider-Man 3." However, this movie will not only remain disconnected from the Raimi movie but will also not connect to the new "Spider-Man: Homecoming" movie by Marvel. My Entertainment World reports that "Venom" will start shooting this year for an October 2018 release and is called a horror sci-fi movie.

Who is Venom?

Anyone who watched "Spider-Man 3" got an idea of who Venom is but there is much more to the character than that Fox Marvel movie introduced.

Originally, the symbiote that became Venom attached itself to Spider-Man when all superheroes were kidnapped and forced to fight villains on an alien planet in the "Secret Wars" limited series. Over time, Spider-Man learned that this alien costume was actually taking over his body when he slept and he needed to rid himself of it. When he did, it attached itself to a disgraced photojournalist named Eddie Brock, who hated Peter Parker for getting him fired. Brock and the symbiote both hated Peter Parker and set out to destroy Spider-Man. It made Venom an interesting character, an anti-hero whose only reason to be a villain was his hatred for Spider-Man.

Venom as a solo movie

That idea makes Venom an interesting idea for a movie with the character as an anti-hero.

When Venom wasn't trying to kill Spider-Man, he was actually a protector of the homeless and helpless on the streets in Marvel Comics. Venom actually did care about being a hero and hated Spider-Man because he took away his chance to do that job to begin with. That is why his appearance in "Spider-Man 3" was such a disappointment.

The idea of this being a sci-fi movie are clear because the symbiote is an alien lifeform attached to a human. There is also a new version of Venom that is Peter Parker's high school nemesis Flash Thompson and he works for the government as Venom to battle villains. The rumors also indicate that Carnage, another symbiote villain - this one attached to a serial killer - could be involved which would make Venom the true hero of the story.