Singer Christina Aguilera is set to appear in the upcoming Prince tribute, and it looks like the Princess of Pop has maintained her fabulous weight loss from a few years ago. Aguilera, a coach on "The Voice" shocked audiences with her extreme body makeover. "Xtina" has been listed as one of Time magazine's top 100 most influential people, so when she talks weight loss secrets, people listen. The trick to Aguilera's success might surprise you.

Christina Aguilera relaxed the weight off

Stress is known to cause obesity and weight problems. So relaxation techniques that calm mind and body can bring healing and also surprisingly a drop in weight.

Aguilera credits an ancient Asian technique called Reiki for her trimmer figure.

Reiki is like acupressure, reflexology or massage but it is hands-off as opposed to manipulative pressure. Reiki also features whole-body relaxation whereas the others are more spot treatments. A holistic approach, Reiki practitioners, concentrate energy above different parts of the body. It may sound pointless, but many people have found relief with Reiki.

Stress-related weight gain

Obesity is caused, most obviouslyby overeating and under-exercising. But what causes people to overeat and avoid exercise? At the root of these lifestyle habits may be unacknowledged, unresolved or untreated stress. Anxiety, tension, worry, depression, frustration, despair--all these can lead to weight gain.

Putting on weight in the stressful Hollywood world is easy, as celebs like Mariah Carey have found. To alleviate pressure, people may comfort or binge eat. They may seek relief in "comfort foods" that taste good but aren't healthy (sugar, sweets, salty snacks, junk food). Performers and those in high-stress jobs often eat on the run, consuming lots of fast food.

They may not take the time to exercise or do calming exercises or meditation.

They don't often get enough rest (another direct link to obesity).As weight-related diseases like prediabetes (metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance) or Type 2 diabetes set in, they don't feel like exercising. Many Celebrities, like Alec Baldwin, gained diabetes as they gained weight. They put on more weight and the cycle snowballs. But the downhill path is reversible as Christina Aguilera and so many others have found, with weight loss.