Celine Dion, the legendary singer, was currently seen together with her Twins in Paris. Nelson and Eddy Angelil, Dion's twins, were both seen with smiles as they spent time together with their mother. All of them enjoyed their time shopping in the different malls in Paris. A report from E! News has shared that the trio posed for a photo along the historic streets of the city.

Apparently, it was hard to believe how time flies since Dion's twins are finally grown up. Nelson and Eddy were seen keeping their day casual as they wore simple shirts and jeans.

Meanwhile, Dion was also spotted on her glam outfit just as if she hasn't aged at all.

Proud momma

Amid her busy life and career, Dion has also made sure that she can always spend her time with her children. Without a doubt, the legendary singer is one proud mother to her adorable twins. Apart from her twins, the 49-year old singer is also a happy mom to her 16-year old son, Rene-Charles Dion Angelil, who is now a recording artist.

To recall, Dion shared her son with her late husband, Rene Angelil, who faced his demise after fighting from cancer. Back on January 2016, Dion has decided to continue her life and her shows despite the rough situations that she had been through. Time and time again, the legendary singer has proven how professional she is when it comes to her career.

Husband's passing

In one of her interviews, the 49-year old singer has shared to E! News that losing her husband Rene was one of the hardest situations she had dealt with. She revealed that she saw how her husband suffered for more than three years due to his illness. Nevertheless, Dion has always considered that each one has to go through rough situations at some point in their lives for them to come out stronger.

As Dion continued, she added that she is seeing her late husband every single day through the eyes of her children. Her fans couldn't help but admire her for her strength and courage as she went on with her life and career.

She made sure that she can cope with the situation smoothly with the help of her children.

Dion has also taken her children to Disneyland recently as they celebrated the twins' sixth birthday. Amid her struggle, Dion has made the life of her children comfortable and happy. They were also seen enjoying the rides and the fantastic scenes during their stay at Disneyland. The singer added that she doesn't want anything more for her kids but to stay up with their lives.