See some fan favorites return to the action on this week's new episode of "Orphan Black." With only 3 more episodes to go until the series finale, the stakes keep getting higher.

Next episode will mark the seventh one of the show's fifth and final season. Its title "Gag or Throttle" alludes to a possible aggression, but from whom? And directed at which character?

According to the official episode summary on BBC America's site, this week Rachel Duncan will discover a "dark secret" that will make her question her involvement with Neolution. What could it be?

Has word gotten around to her about who P.T. Westmoreland really is?

Rachel Duncan

As we can see in the promotional trailer for the new episode, Rachel is back at Dyad with Kira.

We also see Westmoreland, on what looks like a Neolution board meeting, praising Rachel's work with Kira, adding that, "Thanks in large part to Rachel we have found our Eve."

Later, Duncan is seen with one of her lackeys, expressing that Sarah is trying to blackmail her and the institution. She then sends him to deal with Manning and her mom.

Meanwhile, back at Sarah's and Siobhan's house, they receive a visit from their cop friend, Art.

Sarah doesn't look very friendly when she opens the door for him, asking him, "What the hell are you doing here?" while he answers with, "You wouldn't believe it." It seems that Art has some shocking news to share with Sarah and Siobhan, but what could it be? Could it be about what Neolution has planned for Kira?

In another scene of the video, we see that Sarah and Siobhan have found out about what's going on with Kira (How?), and then we witness Siobhan who's looking menacing and ready to shoot someone with her guns, making the decision to get her back.

It seems that another showdown between Sarah and Rachel is about to start.

Guess who's back

The new episode will feature some old familiar faces and a surprise appearance from a character we haven't seen in a while.

As seen on the promotional pictures for episode seven, shared by the show's official Twitter, the series will bring back fan favorites Alison and Donnie Hendrix. From the looks of it, Donnie will give Alison a warm welcome home by hanging cute signs at their house. Either that or they are preparing another of their iconic events.

Another character who will be back this week is Helena. In the trailer, we see her at the convent trying to get some rest when all of the sudden she receives a very unexpected visitor. That's when we find out who else will be back in this episode...Gracie Rollins who we haven't seen since season 3. What reason could she have for visiting Helena? How did she find her? And most importantly, is Mark back too?

You can find out on the next episode of the series, which will premiere this weekend on Saturday July 22th on BBC America and Netflix.