The most-awaited "Bachelor in Paradise" Season 4 has finally dropped its first and official promo trailer. As per a report from Entertainment Tonight, the new trailer debuted on Monday during the "Bachelorette" latest episode. Apparently, the trailer clearly addressed several issues which had been linked to the series production.

As the trailer continues, it was stated that the paradise was almost lost. It was believed that the trailer tried to point out the instances when "Bachelor in Paradise" had to suspend filming. A voice over is also evident in the promo video and some of the fans tweets about the show's recent scandal were also featured and addressed with.

The paradise is back

After several weeks of halting its production, everyone was happy after learning that "Bachelor in Paradise" has resumed its production. On the trailer, another voice over continued saying, "Monday, August 14, Paradise is found!" Apparently, more tweets have flooded on the screen as everyone was all happy that the series will definitely be back.

To recall, Warner Bros. made the announcement back on June 11 that the series production will be temporarily suspended due to alleged sexual conduct on the set. Some of the cast members who were greatly involved were DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios.

However, after the investigation which was conducted by the production, ABC has finally announced on June 20 that the series production will continue.

Meanwhile, the entire casts returned to Mexico as they continued working for the upcoming season.

Series reunion show

While "Bachelor in Paradise" is believed to be in works, some of the news from E! News revealed that Jackson and Olympios will return to the series reunion show. Further, despite the controversy which created havoc to the series, "Bachelor in Paradise" is finally slated to be released on August 14.

Right now, it will still remain unseen on how Jackson and Olympios will have to deal with each other. However, fans were still happy after learning that ABC has still included the two of them on the series official cast list. Everyone are also thrilled to finally see both of them together on the reunion special.

Meanwhile, the network is yet to give further details about the series upcoming reunion.

Nevertheless, it will be expected that they will give their fans something worthy to watch out for. Jackson, on the other hand, has also shared that having Olympios on the reunion is no longer a big deal.