Celine Dion has earned her diva status

Celine Dion is an amazing artist. She has proven that with over 200 million album sales worldwide, Emmys, music awards and an insanely successful residency show in Las Vegas. The best part is Celine is not only a talented artist but she is also a smart business woman.

Recently Celine Dion was a guest judge on "The Voice" for Gwen Stefani. As reported by Radar Online, an inside source said that Dion acted like she was a superstar while on the set to tape her segments. The diva had all her people with her and complained about everything.

Dion had to do several retakes to get her scenes completed. She didn't like her hair, her makeup or her outfit. In fact, she didn't seem to like much at all. According to the insider, she was treated very well by "The Voice" team.

What's the scoop?

The insider didn't stop with the scoop on Celine Dion. Apparently the crew doesn't think very highly of Gwen Stefani these days. She is in diva mode as well and they feel that she acts like she owns the show and she is doing them a favor by showing up. The shows that aired with Celine co-mentoring Team Gwen members showed two fun, incredibly supportive singers sharing their knowledge with the contestants. No diva moves or comments from Celine or Gwen were shown during the segments.

Now, a true Celine Dion fan knows that her being called a diva is not new, and probably not undeserved. Dion is a star who has made it on her talent and with the faith of those around her. She has earned the right to be a diva and Dion pulls it off with confidence and class, which is why she remains so popular after all these years.

When Dion goes on tour, her concerts sell out almost immediately.

There are so many singers out there who credit Celine with being a positive influence on their careers and music. When interviewed and asked who they listen to, you will hear Celine again and again. There is no greater compliment than to be imitated by those that want to be just as successful.