When Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra appeared on "16 And Pregnant," they were the franchise's most shocking couple yet. Lowell's mother April was married to Baltierra's dad Butch, so both teens rode the wild roller coaster of their family's melodrama. Since drugs, alcohol, and chaos were integral parts of their family, Lowell and Baltierra's bond was that much stronger. They could relate to each other's familial dysfunction. However, as the years went by, their parents seemed to get healthier. Butch had just gotten out of prison, and he was passionate about his recovery.

Even though he maintained a year of sobriety, he soon relapsed. He felt the consequences of his actions, but so did his family.

What happened?

While 2017 should've represented a fresh start for the older gentleman, he was grappling with his demons of the past. According to his son, the father and grandfather was cuffed. "He was doing fine, I guess, and then he missed a parole meeting and his parole officer wanted to violate him so now he's in jail," the reality star told Dr. Drew Pinsky. Butch's relapse was no surprise to Baltierra. He figured his father was using because the man was diving into old habits. "He was sleeping in later, and not coming home a lot," Baltierra said. Addiction's no joke, and no addict's guaranteed a lifetime of sobriety.

Life can get in the way.

A relapse

Since Lowell and Baltierra had been on MTV's "16 and Pregnant" and "Teen Mom" franchises, their struggles have been documented. Their main source of anxiety and depression came from either April or Butch. While April's erratic mood swings were showcased, Butch's antics were scrutinized the most.

He would become emotionally, verbally, and physically abusive, and he was usually high during his low moments. He wanted to become a better man for himself and for his family, but drugs were perpetual roadblocks.

According to news outlet Wetpaint, Butch relayed the same sentiment. "First it was just one line, then it was two.

So I go in there, make me a couple lines in the morning and leave it alone... that's when the addict kicks in: 'It's 1/16 powder cocaine. I'm not cooking it, I'm not smoking it, I'm just snorting it.' What an idiot," he admitted. His drug test came back positive, so that's why he was taken back to jail. However, he still has time to make a lifestyle change. He's a strong, compassionate, and loving man with the world at his feet.