Justin Bieber recently made an appearance during Hillsong's annual conference in Sydney, Australia. However, there are rumors he was paid to attend the said event, which Pastor Carl Lentz immediately denied.

According to Christian Times, the 'Love Yourself' hitmaker flew all the way to Australia earlier this week to attend the said four-day event. Lentz, on the other hand, explained that Justin Bieber's willingness to attend was not motivated by money.

Hillsong Pastor says Justin Bieber 'volunteered'

Carl Lentz is the Pastor of Hillsong in New York City and is known for hanging out with Bieber since the singer's earlier years.

Lentz explained in an interview that they did not pay Bieber to attend the faith-based event as he did the voluntary act by himself.

Besides, Bieber reportedly comes down on his own where people would casually buy tickets and be a part of the event. Just like everybody else, the pop singer gets the same treatment. In addition, Lentz shared the 'What Do You Mean' singer considers the conference as a big part of his year.

Bieber currently has an ongoing concert. That is why Lentz believed it would be good for Bieber to take a break and not be pressured by lots of things. Come to think of it, his appearance was not announced prior to the conference date. The said event's ticket cost $359 dollars.

Lentz explained that Bieber probably flew to the event to escape from the fancy things and fame. While the New York-based Pastor seems to be fond of the controversial artist, Bieber continues to receive lots of issues these past few years.

Moreover, Bieber did not perform during the event. He just listened and sat like what a real participant would do.

This is the third time Justin Bieber was present in a Hillsong event.

Bieber's music on Billboard

As for his secular career, Bieber is unsurprisingly succeeding with 'Despacito'. Daddy Yankee and Luis Fonsi, featuring the 'Sorry' singer, have collaborated for the said song, which ranked number one in summer 2017. For over five weeks to last July 4, 'Despacito' dominated the summer 2017 chart.

Aside from topping on the Songs of Summer chart, the song also dominated the Billboard Hot 100 for over eights weeks and still counting. Hits from the former are judged by weekly tally tracks on Hot 100. It goes from Memorial Day to Labor Day so stay tuned for more Justin Bieber updates. Do not forget to share your thoughts in the comment section.