Rob Kardashian is reportedly sharing a roof with Blac Chyna again.

The on-again, off-again couple, who called it quits in February, have reportedly reconciled for a third time, with TMZ claiming that Rob and Chyna have grown closer to one another again and it’s all thanks to their daughter, Dream.

Father's Day miracle

Sources tell the news outlet that Father’s Day was particularly special for Rob Kardashian, who was delighted to hear that Chyna had planned on attending Disneyland with him and Dream — it was her way of making up for the drama the two had found themselves in earlier in the year.

Insiders tell TMZ that Kardashian actually ended up staying the night at his ex-fiancée’s home, and from what’s been gathered, the reality star hasn’t left her home ever since. It’s strongly being implied that Rob is hopeful he and Blac Chyna can overcome their differences and give love another try.

As previously revealed, the couple called it quit four months ago, with sources alleging that Rob’s insecurities had weighed heavy on the couple’s relationship.

Blac Chyna had grown tired of the reported accusations concerning her friendship with other men, which often gave Rob the impression that the former stripper was cheating on him, which the mother-of-two was always quick to deny.

Eventually, however, it became all too much for Chyna, who simply wanted out of the romance she shared with Rob, consequently ending their engagement and stressing that she was only going to focus on raising her two children for the time being.

“They've been socializing with friends and family with BBQ's and a pool party, and they've taken hikes together,” TMZ reveals, noting how things have turned out relatively well for Rob Kardashian and Chyna in recent days.

The outlet concludes by saying that Blac spent a fortune on gifts for Father’s Day gifts. She certainly didn’t hold back when putting her credit cards to good use, reportedly purchasing multiple sneakers, a customized Dodgers hat, several designer bags - including Louis Vuitton - along with blue and white roses.

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Reconciliation for real or for money?

What’s important to note is that there were no signs of cameras filming the couple’s every move as they spent Father’s Day at Disneyland, signifying that their reconciliation is not for the purpose of filming another reality show.

They truly want to be together, but only time will determine whether or not getting back together was a wise move for the duo.