The internet is abuzz once again as Andrew Garfield reportedly revealed indirectly that he's gay. According to Mail Online, the 'Hacksaw Ridge' actor recently revealed that he is open to a same-sex relationship. The fans were shocked by the news, considering that he was Emma Stone's last boyfriend. After he and Emma Stone broke up, Andrew Garfield was not linked to any actress. Looking in hindsight, could his sexual preference be the reason why he has refrained from dating other women after his breakup with the 'La La Land' actress? The 33-year old's confession was triggered during an interview for his upcoming play 'Angels In America'.

During the press conference for 'Angels in America', Andrew Garfield touched some points on his sexuality, which was pretty much the highlight considering that the said play centered on gay relationships. According to Mail Online, 'The Amazing Spiderman' actor told the audience that while he does not consider himself as a gay man, he is also not ruling out the possibility of him being in a same-sex relationship.

A gay man without the physical act

Andrew Garfield's statement during the press conference for 'Angels in America' has caused quite a buzz especially among his fans in the LGBT community. According to Gay Times, Garfield emphasized that he might be a gay man right now but without the physical acts that come along with it.

He further elaborated that he might reach a phase in his life where he'll have an awakening on his sexuality, but currently, he is also enjoying where he is with his sexual preference.

He concluded the interview by saying that, as far as he knows, he is not a gay man at this point in his life.

'Angels in America' role

In the gay-centric play of 'Angels in America', Andrew Garfield plays the role of a gay man who is trying to get through life with AIDS. Garfield's role is clearly highly sensitive and it would really take a good and effective actor like him to portray the role efficiently.

In the play, Andrew Garfield has a partner played by James McArdle. The writer of the play, Tony Kushner, personally asked Andrew Garfield to play one of the lead roles. The 'Silence' actor admitted that he really hesitated in accepting the role offered to him. However, he eventually accepted the role and is now proudly saying that his role in 'Angels in America' is undeniably one of the most creative experiences he'll ever hope to have.

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