Britney Spears appears to be making a comeback on the Instagram Social Media Site after three weeks of silence. The 35-year-old beauty posted two photos yesterday followed by a video of her working out, which has viewers speculating about plastic surgery. Spears appears to have a noticeably bigger bosom and her face looks rather different. The posts have started rumors that the star has gone under the knife.

The video of the star working out has attracted more than one million viewers and 10.000 comments. Fans commenting on the video have expressed mix reactions to it with some accusing Spears of looking photoshopped and fake and others expressing their support for the star's new look.

Britney captioned the photo with a brief explanation of her absence, saying she has been looking after her kids and strengthening her body. The star has over seventeen million followers on Instagram.

Fans speculate Spears has had plastic surgery spoke to experienced plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Miller about the star's apparent physical change. Dr. Miller said that although the star's face does look slightly different, it's important to note that fat loss can make a huge difference to facial appearance. However, the plastic surgeon added that Spears' nose does appear to be a bit slimmer and her lips look as though they may have had fillers. Dr. Miller stressed that Britney's overall look is very natural and praised the surgeon who may have done the work.

Speaking to InStyle in 2013, Britney revealed that she does have a plastic surgeon (Raj Kanodia) and that she's had work on her lips done before. Britney has also spoken out about her workout regimen, telling Women's Health that she tries to incorporate cardio, stretching, and weights into it.

The star has come a long way from her troubled past

Britney's life hasn't always been as together as it seems to be these days. The star sat down with the ITV's Lorraine Kelly in 2016 and spoke about her 20s and the difficulties she faced for over a decade. Spears revealed that she has found a peaceful place in her 30s and that she doesn't look back fondly on the previous ten years.

The star married her childhood sweetheart, Jason Alexander, in 2004 with the marriage only surviving fifty-five hours. She then married Kevin Federline, one of her backup dancers, that same year. Spears and Federline have two sons together - Sean and Jayden James. The couple went their separate ways in 2007. It was in 2007 that the star had her famous meltdown, shaving her head bald. She spent some time in rehab after this in order to recover. The star has publically spoken about her struggles with bipolar disorder.