It is week four in the "Big Brother 19" house and everyone wants to know how it ends up going down. If you pay attention to live feeds, the spoilers are there and Cinema Blend helped figure out what is going down this week. Jessica has the Head Of Household. With Cody back in the house again, this puts her in a great position. They are both safe for at least one more week, but you never know things can change in the "Big Brother" house.

POV winner and their plan revealed

Ramses and Josh were put on the block at the start of the week. Then Jessica won the Power Of Veto.

This means she can backdoor someone or decide to see if Ramses or Josh ends up getting voted out this week. As of right now, Jessica doesn't seem to have plans to use the Veto. Instead, she plans to try to get Josh out if she can do it. She feels like she has the votes to keep Ramses safe and send Josh packing

Paul working behind her back

The thing is Paul is working behind her back. He still doesn't want the Veto to be used, but instead, he wants to make sure Ramses goes home instead of Josh. He thinks that he might have the votes to pull it off, too. He thinks that Josh will be more loyal later on. Paul feels like Jessica and Cody should have targeted Matt and Raven to get one of them out of the house.

Jessica and Cody feel like they are doing the right thing, but only time will tell if this is right or not. Jessica is very lucky to have Cody back in the house, but she may have done things a bit wrong this week. She is making enemies no matter what she does, that is just part of being the Head of Household. She needs to try to keep a few people happy with her so that next week she can stay safe along with her showmance Cody.

The fans have a few concerns that Jessica might have something else up her sleeve that hasn't been seen on the live feeds. If she is trying to backdoor Paul, she might be staying quiet about it. When the Power of Veto ceremony goes down, everyone is going to see what she finally decides to do. She could really shake things up in the house, but everyone is going to have to wait and see.

Are you shocked to hear that Jessica isn't going to backdoor someone this week? Do you feel like she is getting rid of the right person? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Big Brother 19" on Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday every week. Tonight fans will see the nomination ceremony when Jessica puts Josh and Ramses on the block.