Kevin Schlehuber is really upset with production in the "Big Brother 19" house, and he is speaking out. Celeb Dirty Laundry shared about how upset Kevin is and what was going on during the live feeds. Schlehuber spoke out and called them "Puppet Masters," but of course, he was told that he can't talk about production.

What has Kevin so upset?

It sounds like Kevin isn't happy at all that production might be playing a part in the game. It sounds like the houseguests are starting to see that some strings are being pulled by production. One thing everyone is surprised about is how they are letting Christmas leave the house, not compete and still stick around.

Christmas is hurting pretty bad and is saying that she wants to call her doctor about her pain meds and even says the meds she is on are affecting her sleep.

Matt spoke out about how this season has had a lot of action already. This is when Kevin says that production has caused some of the drama and calls them "puppet masters." Matt even admits that he has had trouble not losing his cool. Being in the "Big Brother 19" house is hard on everyone mentally.

They never like it when you talk about production and so if Kevin keeps it up, this could get him in trouble. There are a few things that they shut down including talking about production, singing and a few others.

Some fans think the show is rigged

If you pay attention to social networks, some fans even think that the show is rigged this season. They feel like the fact that Paul was brought back and then immediately found out that he would be safe for three weeks could be something. Paul has been having a lot of luck this season, so some people think that maybe they are rigging it so he can win or at least make it pretty far this season.

This season on "Big Brother 19" they already brought back Paul and also shared that the battle back will be happening. Anyone that has been kicked out will have a chance to get back in. This will include whoever goes home this week on "Big Brother 19." If Cody comes back in again, you know that Jessica will be happy, but not very many other peopel are going to be thrilled.

Are you shocked to hear that Kevin Schlehuber is so upset with production? Do you think that he will end up getting in trouble over it? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Big Brother 19" on CBS on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday nights. Things are already heating up this summer.