WWE star Brie Bella is expectedly busy with her first-born but knows hubby Daniel Bryan wants more kids. However, there seems to be a prerequisite before that can happen – a return to the WWE ring.

Apparently, Brie still has the thirst to entertain and compete in the ring. Nikki will be tying the knot as well soon (to John Cena) so it may come to a point that both Bellas will be sidelined for good.

Giving birth is no joke but Brie seems to be aiming for something rare – reviving the Bella Twins. Though there is no timetable on when it looks like Brie and Nikki will be pairing up soon though there is no word on when and for how long

Ring return comes first

Being a mom, it will be interesting how Brie can manage her time doing so and entertaining the fans.

Taking care of her first child may elicit help from relatives or from hired help. Managing one offspring should be easy compared to having more in the future.

She is open to more kids but before that, a WWE return comes first. Hence, don’t be surprised if the WWE diva is already trying to whip herself back into shape and re-emerge in one of the WWE shows soon.

Obviously, she misses the WWE action and the fans. Having been on the grand stage for long, it seems Brie has her mind set with Nikki pledging to support her wishes. It could happen in one of the scheduled pay-per-views though the best one could be at Wrestlemania.

Daniel Bryan burned

It seems the original plan was to have baby number two immediately.

Brie, however, told Daniel Bryan that he is not the one giving birth and going through labor so all that is easier said than done.

So from the looks of it, Brie had that special request of fulfilling an itch first and then going through the process of adding another member to the clan. Bryan seems to have no objection to it so the former WWE champion and current SmackDown general manager will just have to wait.

A potential return of the Bella Twins could more or less be the last one. Both are technically headed to a new phase of life so that run could be a one-and-done scenario. It could be a short run seeing how the WWE has managed to reel in new female talent.

If one does arise, it may all end at one Wrestlemania. The logical bet is Wrestlemania 34 though the Bella Twins return could be one of two ways.

It could be a one-night match or something that qualifies as a storyline. Considering she has motherly duties, the most plausible scenario for a ring return is a short-run before Brie moves on to being a full-time mom.