"Big Brother 19" houseguest Josh Martinez is the loose cannon this season. Every year fans watch to see which player has been cast to bring the crazy. This year Josh let us know the answer to that one on night two.

Momma's boy that has never been away from home

Josh is 23 years old and from Homestead, Florida. He is a self-proclaimed momma's boy and has never been away from his family before. But is that description really anything new to the "Big Brother" house? Each year fans see young players enter the game that is dealing with the same thing.

And some have gone on to win the game, like Steve Moses from Season 17. Crazy wasn't a word that came up for him, however.

Josh seems to be fine one minute then is crying or screaming the next. Of course, the houseguests were on day eight when the "Big Brother" premiere aired. The production team had edited for the show and it appeared that his emotions changed on a dime. Now that the live feeds are up, viewers can see it is really more like every few hours.

He knew what he was signing up for

The momma's boy has had bouts of tears over being away from home. Has anyone explained to him that millions would make any sacrifice necessary to be locked in the "Big Brother 19" house and want to stay until finale night?

Three months is a small investment at a chance to win $500,000. He knew what he was getting into and took the spot that so many others would have gladly filled.

Operating out of emotion rather than reason, he decided to take safety for the week and eliminate his entire team from the opportunity to win the first HOH. As they were still reeling from his betrayal, he lashed out at Megan for being sneaky and out to get him.

Her alleged lies and eavesdropping sent him on the defensive big time. Rather than wait and watch, the normal "Big Brother" strategy, he accused and screamed. Or was part of that really to draw the attention away from the fact that he had just stabbed his teammates in the back?

According to Buddy TV, the casting of "Big Brother" takes into account the entertainment value of the cast.

His kind of crazy can drive the "Big Brother" houseguests bonkers but he does create some entertaining scenes for the show. Chances are, Josh won't be around long. He has yet to find an alliance that is willing to take him on and put up with him just to have the numbers. Without the protection of an alliance, his entertainment value won't take him far.

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