The "Big Brother 19" spoilers from Thursday (July 6) still question #Christmas Abbott and whether she will be able to stay in the game this season. As many fans already know from the "BB19" live feeds, Christmas Abbott broke her foot playing around with Jason Dent, forcing her to go to the hospital several times over the past week. Not only that, but Christmas is on the block at the Eviction Ceremony Thursday evening.

On Monday (July 3), Christmas Abbott took a spill, coming down hard on her foot. She was removed from the "BB19" house and taken to a hospital.

There was too much swelling in the foot, so despite coming back to the house, she then had to go in for an MRI later in the week. It was during that test where it was discovered she had two broken bones in her foot. Now, these "Big Brother 19" spoilers could impact how she does the rest of the season.

What will production do about Christmas Abbott's broken foot?

Even though she is now wearing a cast, Christmas Abbott has indicated that she doesn't want to quit the game. There were a few "Big Brother 19" rumors about Christmas asking production to let her self-evict and return for "Big Brother 20" next summer, but that has not been confirmed by anyone close to the show. Instead, Christmas is going to try to play through the pain, though it could put her at a huge disadvantage.

If it is true that the production team isn't going to help out Christmas Abbott with any of the competitions, then she could be forced to compete in physical challenges with a cast on her foot. That might make it very difficult for her to win Head of Household or a Power of Veto necklace over the next few weeks. If she can stay off the radar of the next Head of Household, though, it won't be much of a problem.

Will Christmas still be in the 'BB19' house next week?

For any of this to even matter, Christmas Abbott has to survive the July 6 Eviction Ceremony. If the prior reports and previous "Big Brother 19" spoilers about who is going home tonight are true, then it will be Jillian Parker getting evicted and not Christmas. The problem for Christmas has been that she is on the wrong side of the showmances in the "BB19" house.

The primary showmance of Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf want her gone as soon as possible.

One thing to take away from this Christmas Abbott injury update is that she could garner a lot of additional fans from the CBS broadcast and the live feeds. Playing through the pain and not quitting after she broke her foot will make her admired by a lot of fans of the show. Now she just needs to survive the July 6 Eviction Ceremony and hope that Jessica Graf doesn't win HOH. That bit of news should be revealed in future "Big Brother 19" spoilers.