During last week's episode of "Orphan Black," some secrets and their answers came to light. Fans of the show are sharing their excitement over the mysteries being revealed in each new chapter. Will more earth-shattering truth be revealed in the next episode?

The new episode is titled "Ease for Idle Millionaires," and it is the fifth episode of the show's final season. The trailer and promotional images for the episode have been released, and from the looks of it, the next chapter will be Cophine heavy (Cophine is the name the fans have given the couple of Cosima and Delphine.)

Dr. Cormier: friend or foe?

Episode five promises to bring even more friction to the relationship between Delphine and Cosima.

Dr. Delphine Cormier has always been a mysterious character. Her allegiance has changed a few times over the seasons, and one can never be sure of what she's up to, or her reasons. Back in season three, before she was shot and disappeared, it looked like she was finally staying on Cosima and the sestra's side, but in the trailer for the new episode, we see Delphine talking to Westmoreland and possibly selling out Cosima. P.T. says: "Your friend Cosima..." and she answers, "What is it that you need to know?" Could she be a traitor once again?

Back at the lab, Delphine tells Cosima she's "pushing too hard," while in another scene Cosima confronts her, saying: "You were paid to lie to me." It seems that things are about to get very ugly for the pair, and the reason for this could be what's happening to Kira at the lab.

In another segment of the video, we see Cosima trying to protect her niece and asking Susan about what they are doing to her. There's reason to believe that Delphine is involved in this. Considering her background with Dyad and the fact that she's a scientist, she could be there to help further Westmoreland's agenda and his experiments. But, the question is: Could she have her own hidden agenda as well?

This season we have seen Dr. Cormier help Cosima and Mrs. S in their effort to find the truth about Neolution and Westmoreland. What side is she really on after all? There's a chance that we'll find out this weekend when the new episode airs.

The one in charge

Another character that it looks like we'll see more of this weekend is Rachel Duncan.

In the last episode, P.T. put her in charge of the experiments Susan is performing, and from what we see in the trailer, Rachel is back to her old self -- the one that likes to abuse her power. After all, we see Rachel hurting her mother and telling her: "P.T. put me at his right hand." We all know how far she is willing to go but is she about to go even further?

In another scene from the trailer, we see P.T. telling Rachel that her "hard work is paying off," proving that their alliance is on solid ground. What else could these two have in mind?

You can watch the next episode of "Orphan Black" on Saturday, July 8th via BBC America or Netflix.

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