"Big Brother 19" fans know that this season has gotten off to a crazy start. The early drama in the game is much more intense than in previous seasons. On premiere night the cast learned of the temptations they would face as Kevin was the first to anonymously push a button to collect $25,000. The consequence for that accepted temptation was Paul Abrahamian taking residence in the house and the eviction of Cameron Heard.

Kevin got more than money when he pushed the button

Who would have thought that Kevin pushing that button would end up with him getting a great ally in the game?

Kevin didn't enter the house as a superfan with tons of knowledge of "Big Brother", but as a recruit. He didn't have a clue who Paul was when he walked through the door. With no preconceived opinions from watching last season, Kevin has entered a friendship with Paul that is based on mutual respect.

Kevin's persona is awesome and everyone loves the guy. Usually when a player is significantly older than the rest of the houseguests, they kind of stick out. Kevin, however, is the big daddy in the house. He almost comes across as a wise guy with mob ties at times, but that is one of the many things that make him so great to have around. Casting outdid themselves when they signed Kevin up for "Big Brother".

Paul has formed an alliance with Kevin that the rest of the house hasn't picked up on. The two have shared secrets. Paul knows that Kevin took the money that opened the door for his return to the game. Just as Paul did last summer with Victor, Paul is working behind the scenes with Kevin.

Paul has the Pendant of Protection to ensure his safety for three weeks.

It has already saved him from the wrath of the current Head of Household, Cody. As the game has played out this week, Cody has named a record five houseguests to get his two nominees for eviction. Paul was the fourth name he dropped, revealing his intentions to backdoor the vet. If not for that gift from America, Paul may have been reunited with Julie way too soon this summer.

Paul and Kevin could be the next big bromance

In preparation for the upcoming HOH competition, Paul is coaching his bro, Kevin. Being new to "Big Brother", Kevin has the social game but needs the strategy and knowledge. Partnering with the vet in the house was a smart move for him, but for Paul as well. These two have the potential to ride the waves of the house for a while if they stick together. What do you think of Paul and Kevin working together on "Big Brother 19"? Do you think Victor has competition in the bromance department? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.