"Big Brother 19" live feeds returned last night when "Big Brother After Dark" came on. Immediately fans knew that Jessica was the new Head Of Household and the nominees for eviction were Josh and Ramses. But there is so much going on in the house with Cody's return.

The following will contain "Big Brother 19" spoilers. If you don't want to know what may make the editorial cut, stop reading now.

Lots of changes in the week Cody was out of the house

With Cody behind in the game, he is relying on Jessica to get him up to speed. She had whispered to him not to do anything until she got a chance to tell him some things and he listened to her.

Once they were alone, Jessica started the run down. She forgot to mention that she was treated decently by everyone in the house and Paul had even come to her and tell her to just lie low for a bit as the dust settled from Cody's exit. Instead, she had something negative to say about everyone.

In an interview with "US Magazine", Cody had said he would be open to working with Paul if he did return to the "Big Brother" house. So far he has made no moves in that direction. Another change Cody had mentioned was playing a better social game. Last night he started working on that when he and Jessica joined several other houseguests for general chit chat.

As it sits right now, Jessica has named Josh as her target for eviction this week.

From what the "Big Brother" houseguests are saying, her nomination speech left no room for doubt that Ramses was a pawn. That being said, this is the final eviction before Jury. That makes it even more critical for the houseguests to make the right choice for their game.

Power of Veto will be played today

The Power of Veto will be played later today.

Let's just say that Josh managed to win it and remove himself from the block. That would mean that he will eventually end up in the Jury House. The "Big Brother" houseguests will not keep him for the Final Four so he will still be locked in with some of them. These houseguests know that Josh is not a good roommate with his volatile outbursts.

Also, his vote on finale night would be anyone's guess. He plays the game more from an emotional level than a strategic, which is his downfall, to begin with.

Jessica did a lot of regrouping to better position herself in the game after Cody was evicted. When Cody showed his charming side to Julie, America saw that social side he had refused to show in the "Big Brother" house. Jessica still has time to help Cody repair some damaged relationships and being the Head of Household this week only makes her influence on the house stronger.