"Big Brother 19" houseguests just played a critical Power Of Veto competition. As the winner took the power, a blindside plan began behind the scenes. Each side of the house is counting votes and strategizing.

The following. will contain spoilers for "Big Brother 19." If you don't want to know what may make the editorial cut, stop reading now.

On Thursday's live show we learned that Jessica had won the Halting Hex. It seems like her luck only got better from there. Cody, her showmance partner, won the Battle Back and re-entered the "Big Brother" house.

Jessica won the Head of Household and took the power for the week. When she nominated two of her housemates for eviction, she made it clear that Josh is her target and Ramses is the one intended as a pawn.

Today the Power of Veto was held.

Along with Jessica, Ramses, and Josh the other three "Big Brother" houseguests to participate were Jacon, Christmas, and Cody. It was apparently the competition from last season where the paint explodes if you give a wrong answer. Christmas came into the house covered in yellow paint and Paul made a few comparisons to last season's game. Jessica managed to win and now hold the Power of Veto. With all the power in the house, or so she thinks, she plans to leave nominations the same.

The power couple is still set on getting Josh out this Thursday.

Downstairs Christmas and Paul have a different agenda. They want to keep Josh because he will vote with them. Ramses is not a solid part of Team Paul and they don't want to risk keeping him. They are working on votes and have already gotten Raven, Matt and possibly Mark on board.

Kevin will vote with Paul as well. Alex should be in line with Team Paul as well. With all of those "Big Brother" houseguests, they would have the majority vote to evict Ramses, keeping Josh in the house.

Paul and Cody to fall out?

Cody and Paul have been talking and seem to be getting along well. Jessica is where Paul learned of the plan to keep the nominations the same.

Of course, once Cody learns the battle lines have again been drawn by Paul, there will be fallout.

There is speculation in the "Big Brother" house that this could be a double eviction week. With all the twists and chaos so far this season, fans are confident a double eviction is coming but maybe not so soon. The Den of Temptation just ended, the house has a returning player, and this should be a week of regrouping before the next big twist is announced. Or could the curse that the house will receive for the Halting Hex shake them up even more by sending two out in one night? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.