Every season of "The Bachelorette" -- and "The Bachelor" -- fans hear about how something crazy behind-the-scenes almost happened that would've sabotaged the whole show. rachel lindsay's season also has the same twist as it's revealed that she almost rejected all three of her finalists before the show wrapped. Luckily, the show wasn't ruined and Rachel went through with the process and made her final choice. According to spoilers, there's a happy ending for the 31-year-old Dallas attorney.

Rachel almost quit show

Rachel tells Us magazine that she's found love and is ready to "get married" and "start a family." Had she bailed during taping, her chance may have slipped away.

As with any lead, Rachel Lindsay was surprised at the feelings she developed for her finalists. As the weeks moved on in Filming, her feelings for the final three deepened and having to pick between all of them grew more difficult. It got to be too much at one point and she almost turned her back on the finalists.

“I connected with each guy and that made this so hard,” Lindsay shares. “Honestly, I wanted to quit and run away rather than proceed.”

Rachel has a hard time being selfish, but realizes that if she's going to be "The Bachelorette" lead, she must be in order to find the man best suited for her. She has a different connection with her finalists, Bryan Abasolo, Peter Knaus, and Eric Bigger.

The overnight dates in Spain will air Monday night and Rachel will have to let another contestant go, which is going to tear her up. It was hard enough during hometown dates for her to say goodbye to Dean Unglert.

What changed her mind

If Rachel almost walked away during filming, what made her stay? She had to do some serious thinking and determined that getting through the pain would be worth the reward in the end.

Rachel ultimately decided that it was in her best interest to "proceed."

Had Rachel thrown her hands up at the whole thing, she would've also hurt the finalists. Not only would she have left without anyone, but she would've left three men with broken hearts. Talk about a lose-lose situation! It's possible that weighed on her mind as well.

Rachel discloses that she "found the One" and raves that he's "so amazing!" She and the man she chose are eager to finally appear in public and be able to hold hands. Just the idea of being allowed to go out and "grab a cup of coffee together" is a dream to her. After August 7, she and her man will be able to do just that. Once their relationship is revealed on "After the Final Rose," they won't have to have covert meetings in secret locations. Their love will be out in the open for all to see. Fans can't wait to see who she picked!

"The Bachelorette" 2017 airs Monday nights on ABC at 8 p.m, ET/PT.