Cody Nickson is really trying to shake up the "Big Brother 19" season. Even though it is projected that he will leave tonight, he is doing the best he can to shed doubt in the eyes of his fellow houseguests. Last night, things were said and done that have divided the once-tight alliance that bonded together to get Cody evicted. Was he doing it to try and stay in the "Big Brother" game or is he focused on making things easier for Jessica Graf after he leaves?

What happened in the "Big Brother" house last night?

There was a talk show that happened last night, with Dominique hosting.

Jessica talked to Cody ahead of his stint, and she was hoping it wasn't going to blow up in her face. While all of the details are fuzzy at this point, several outlets have reported that there was yet another confrontation between Cody and Josh Martinez. It was revealed that when Cody attempted to nominated Paul during the first week, there were others who knew. The rumor is that Dominique and Mark knew that Paul would be put up, but Jessica was completely unaware. Of course, this is completely false. Everyone's reaction when Paul's name was called appeared to be genuine. Cody wants Jessica to move forward without him, and this is the way he is trying to ensure it will happen.

As of now, it appears that Cody will still be exiting the house tonight.

There were some concerns about the eviction being canceled, but as of now, it is still happening. The HOH (Head of Household) will be held tonight too and with Paul out of the running, the houseguests are questioning who they can still trust. There has been some flipping between the alliance that was formed last week, including Josh and Dominique being skeptical of things.

Who falls where?

Elena and Mark are sticking by Paul. It appears Matt and Raven are going to do the same, which leaves a lot of room for people to flip and flop. Alex is going to try and win the HOH, but who she will put up is anyone's guess. This is the last week for Paul to be safe, so if she takes out one of his cohorts, it could further her game.

Jason and Ramses are not playing with anyone right now and that is going to be bad for their game. Paul wants Ramses out, but everyone else wants Alex to go. This is going to be a hard call, dependent solely on who wins the HOH competition tonight.

This week is going to be significant in finding out where everyone's loyalties lie. Could Cody have done enough damage to keep himself in the game and have someone like Alex or Ramses evicted in his place? Tune into "Big Brother" tonight to watch the drama unfold live.