"Big Brother 19" fans, hold on for a crazy ride this week. Paul Abrahamian made a name for himself in "Big Brother 18," and whether you are #TeamPaul or not, his gameplay warrants your attention. As the Head of Household, he plans to right some wrongs and bring balance back to the "Big Brother" house.

Paul's entry into the "Big Brother" house was exciting to most of the houseguests. Seeing a vet who had come in second place join them was unexpected and a definite twist for the newbies. Cody and Kevin were the exceptions, but for different reasons.

Cody showed no interest in trying to work with Paul from the very start. Kevin was clueless over who had entered the game. As things turned out, Kevin and Paul have formed an unlikely duo, solidly in each other's corner.

Paul and Christmas working together

Paul and Christmas have joined forces as well, and aren't trying to hide their allegiance. In last night's Head of Household competition, the two openly joined forces as Christmas collected tickets and held onto them for Paul. He would get in line, take his three shots, and return to Christmas for more tickets. Paul was the first of the "Big Brother" houseguests to get his ball into the designated spot in order to be announced the winner of week two's HOH.

Paul is very aware that Cody is a threat to his game. Of course, Paul intends to do something about it and target Cody for eviction this week -- a backdoor plan that Cody would have done to Paul if not for the Pendant of Protection. The risks involved in executing such a plan can be high, though.

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Who would Paul use as pawns?

Paul needs a couple of pawns to name in the Nomination Ceremony. He decided to look at Alex and Josh to fill these roles, promising each that he will remove them if he wins the Veto Competition. Christmas is working on another piece of the plan as well. Ramses has to self-nominate either this week or next in order to meet the curse he has been saddled with.

Christmas has advised Ramses to do it this week. With Paul's nominations, she assures him that he will be safe.

Now, let's ponder for a moment the problems with the plan. Paul is promising the same thing to two different people in the "Big Brother" house. If he wins the Power of Veto, only one nominee can be removed. Paul will have to throw the POV. Speaking of that, the three additional players that compete will be chosen by random draw. What if Cody ends up playing in the competition, removes Alex, and then guarantees his safety by winning? It would be no loss to the house if Josh leaves, but Cody staying leaves him at odds with Paul, and sets the stage for perhaps another battle in the future.