Celebrity kids often spark much interest, but in the case of Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy, there is extra special attention being heaped. The hip-hop princess recently snatched a great deal of attention on Twitter-sphere with her rapping.

Featured on her controversial dad Jay-Z’s platinum “4:44” album, the young heiress belted out lines that were somewhat indiscernible. The act, nonetheless, appealed to many music enthusiasts. Netizens expressed their amusement and cited how the five-year-old girl has rhythm in her genes.

Beyonce kid enthralls

Beyonce and Jay-Z’s little girl has gotten adoring glances from cradle to the hip-hop music stage.

Being the child of a world-recognized musical duo, Blue Ivy easily fell into the category of pampered kids of rich & famous celebrities.

Just a few years back, Blue Ivy was just seen as a cute tyke whisked to luxury vacations by her pop superstar mother and doting father. In recent years, she has shown much potential of becoming a model, happily and comfortably posing in front of cameras clad in nice outfits.

Along with the praises were some flak that accompanied the musically-inclined family wherever they went. Reports on how Beyonce had not properly looked after Blue Ivy’s hair circulated a few years ago.

The music world beckons Blue Ivy

Not so long ago, it was Beyonce giving her legion of fans pleasant news of a new album.

Little did everyone expect that it was the young royal who would be springing a surprise with her own brand of music this time. As Jay-Z’s album began hitting various platforms, fans pounced on the bonus track “Blue’s Freestyle/We Family.”

Before long, many people were noting Blue Ivy’s rap delivery. Some people even started comparing her to established pop stars.

A handful of individuals attuned to the music business has noted how she has a good flow any may possibly give mumbling rappers some future competition.

Those in the creative arts made social media posts enjoining their followers to express how they found Blue Ivy's rap. while some were bemused, many others called the child a gem and expressed how they have loved her long before she gained exposure through her parents' musical projects and travel photographs.

There have long been indications that the newly acclaimed hip-hop princess currently sweeping the internet by storm is destined for something big. She had her musical debut in Jay-Z's video “Glory.”