“Big Brother 19” rumors have a lot of fans talking about Cody Nickson possibly choosing to self-evict this week. Cody stirred up a lot of drama in the house after he found out that Paul Abrahamian had nominated him for eviction. Not only did it hurt his personal game, but it damaged the progress that Jessica Graf had made during the week his first eviction from the game. Cody has openly stated that he wants to "get out of the way of Jessica" so that she can win.

The “BB19” house is not pleased with Cody at this point, as he decided he would go toe-to-toe with Paul and issue threats and personal attacks.

Cody also made a lot of statements to Jessica that will cause viewers and live feed subscribers to turn against him (if they haven’t already). Would he quit for Jessica? A self-eviction might allow Jessica to survive several additional weeks.

Does Cody feel bad enough to quit the game?

It’s not always easy to figure out what Cody Nickson is thinking or what he is planning to do inside the “BB19” house. This is something that CBS and the production team have poked fun at in the past, as he has delayed responses and odd emotionless reactions to events or questions. Cody has even talked about needing to put more expressions on his face to act like he cares what other people in the game are talking about in person-to-person conversations.

With all that being said, it is difficult to tell if Cody actually does feel bad about the stress and pressures he has been placing upon showmance partner Jessica Graf. She is in the unenviable position of trying to keep her own personal game alive in the house while dealing with the fallout of Cody’s constant temper tantrums.

When Cody decided that he was going to start cussing out Paul in front of everyone, it hurt her game even further. That’s where these “Big Brother 19” rumors stem from.

What happens next in ‘Big Brother 19’ could dictate his actions

The “BB19” house will play for the Power of Veto later on Saturday (July 29), with Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf presented with an opportunity to save themselves from the blocks.

If Jessica wins, Cody could convince her to not use the Halting Hex, which would be a nice power for her to have later in the season. Jessica is already considering using the power this week.

If Cody really feels bad and wants to set things right with Jessica, winning the Power of Veto and using it to save her would certainly prove it. Likewise, if Jessica were to win it and save herself, telling her to save the Halting Hex would also prove it. Before the Eviction Ceremony even takes place, though, Cody could decide to self-evict and take some of the pressure off Jessica. What do you think fans of the show? Will these “Big Brother 19” rumors lead to Cody using the self-evict option?