The Big Brother 19” nominees for Week 5 are in. Head of Household Paul Abrahamian hosted the Nomination Ceremony, where he revealed that Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson have been nominated for eviction. Paul revealed that he made these choices because he wasn’t satisfied with the information that Jessica had been sharing with the house about her secret power.

So why did Paul nominate Jessica and Cody for eviction? He had a primary plan of flushing out the Halting Hex that Jessica has, but he also had a backup plan, just in case things didn’t go right the first time.

Paul planned to nominate Elena Davies and Mark Jansen if he had discovered that this secret power kept Jessica and Cody from even getting nominated. It did not protect them from that.

What happens next in the ‘BB19’ house?

There are now three people on the block, with the results of the Temptation Competition dictating who would become the third nominee for the week. It is Jason Dent, as he finished in last place during the Temptation Competition, which was part of the curse on the BB19” house because of Jessica Graf accepting the temptation. Filling out the Week 5 “Big Brother 19” nominees are Jessica and Cody. They were not happy at all to see their pictures show up on the nomination wall.

At the Week 5 Veto Competition, the three nominees are going to have a shot at saving themselves. If Jason Dent wins the Power of Veto, he will likely take himself, leaving just Jessica and Cody campaigning to stay in the game. At that point, will Jessica Graf use the Halting Hex? It will have a direct impact on how the rest of the season plays out, especially if she doesn’t use it.

When will the Week 5 nominees get revealed to the television audience?

On the Sunday night episode (July 30) of “Big Brother 19,” the CBS audience will learn who Paul Abrahamian has nominated for eviction. This may not turn out to be much of a surprise due to plans that have been put in place during past episodes. Paul certainly hasn’t forgotten how Cody tried to evict him using a backdoor plan earlier in the season.

There is a lot of potential drama that could play out in the “BB19” house over the next few days, but also a chance that this week could be a complete “wash” by the time the eviction episode comes along. If Jessica Graf does use the Halting Hex to cancel the Eviction Ceremony, the house will go back to the way it was before Paul won the HOH. That will keep 12 people competing to win “Big Brother 19” and the $500,000 prize.