“Big Brother 19” spoilers from Saturday (July 29) currently impact what Jessica Graf might do with the Halting hex temptation. Jessica has the power to cancel an Eviction Ceremony in the “BB19” house, setting up a situation where she can decide to save herself or showmance partner Cody Nickson. Has Jessica now been pressed into a situation where she will use the Halting Hex?

Paul Abrahamian decided to nominate Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson for eviction after the duo was cagey in revealing details about the temptation and its resulting curse. Paul didn’t feel that Jessica was being honest about the power and thought that this would be the time to either flush it out or find out if she was lying to the rest of the house.

Will Jessica use the Hex this week?

Now that Jessica and Cody have been nominated for eviction, several houseguests have approached her about keeping the Halting Hex in her back pocket. The thought process would be that this would be a chance for Jessica to separate herself from Cody, who has been creating a lot of chaos in the “BB19” house over the past week. Recent “Big Brother 19” spoilers even hinted at the showmance coming to an end because of his temper.

For the personal game of Jessica Graf, she will want to first win the Power of Veto and then take herself off the block in order to ensure her own safety for the week. At that point, possibly sacrificing Cody Nickson to the “BB19” house would make more sense, as Jessica could then keep the Halting Hex power to use at a later date.

In that scenario, Jessica would survive long enough to make the “BB19” jury and still have the power to keep herself from getting evicted.

What else is going on the “BB19” house?

The cast members did play out the Temptation Competition, making Mark Jansen safe and putting Jason Dent on the block as the third nominee. This is partly why Paul Abrahamian decided to go with Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson as his two nominees for the week.

Mark winning the safety likely kept Elena Davies off the block as well. Will Paul succeed in the same way Alex Ow did in getting Cody evicted from the house?

There are going to be a lot of additional “Big Brother 19” spoilers coming out of the house this weekend, as the cast has to play the Veto Competition and that could lead to even more strained nerves.

With three nominees the chaos and paranoia levels typically climb and this week has been no exception. It could provide a lot of footage for producers to roll out during the upcoming episode of “Big Brother 19” on CBS.