Over the years, Cara Delevingne has proven that she is an artist of many different talents. She first began her career as a model, rising to international fame. From there she moved to the big screen with her role as Margo in the movie "Paper Towns." The star recently starred in a science fiction movie titled "Valerian." She recorded the song for the movie but recently filmed a music video for the track titled "I Feel Everything." The track gained the attention of many of Cara's fans and has climbed the charts

The music video for her first ever track

Cara Delevingne sings in a sultry tone on her very first music track titled "I Feel Everything".

The music video begins with the star dressed in a tuxedo with white shoulder length hair. She is surrounded by an entirely white background. The strange beat begins and adds a space feel to the song as Delevingne sings about the relationship between the two main characters in "Valerian." The music video features some clips from the movie before shifting back to Cara singing in the white space.

Her wig has now changed to a brown wig with a fringe. Little puddles of floating water are seen floating around the artist. Cara then begins to break the water by spinning around. As the water splashes around her, she transforms once more. Her wig changes and then Cara is seen with a long curly brown red wig.

The artist crackles with energy as she continues on singing. Finally, all three versions of Cara are seen singing the song. The camera weaves between them as the video continues. She then ditches the suit for a costume made from purple butterflies.

The tune was handled by a hit team

The song "I Feel Everything" was created by a stellar team.

Musical artist Pharrell Williams produced the track. The director of the movie "Valerian" worked with Cara Delevingne on the music video. This explains why so much footage of the movie was combined with the artist's performance as Besson also used the song as part of the "Valerian" soundtrack. Fans of the movie are wondering if the music video is linked to the movie which was released worldwide last week.

Cara Delevingne has not yet commented on her first ever music video. The artist continues to broaden her resume. Cara is now considered a triple threat as she can model, act and sing. The star has been working extremely hard as of late to break into the film industry and it appears that she has not only achieved that but also achieve an entrance into the music industry too.