YouTube has become an incredibly popular platform over the past 10 years. Grayson and Ethan Dolan are twin brothers that decided to jump on board the YouTube craze. They set up their own channel and began to post videos. The twins soon gained over 4 million followers. Recently, Grayson posted a concerning Tweet. The tweet focused on the YouTuber's mental health. The twins have not been seen on their YouTube channel ever since, causing fans to worry for Grayson. The twins returned with a video explaining their absence. In the video, the brothers talk about the stress of fame and trying to constantly create quality content for their fans.

The star addressed the stress of fame

Twins Grayson and Ethan Dolan recently released a video explaining their absence from their YouTube channel "Dolan Twins." Grayson recently posted a message on his Twitter account stating that he was in a Bad Place mentally. The twins had not been seen on their channel since the message and their fans have been extremely worried about the Dolan twin. The brothers then released a video talking about past events, and talking about the stress that Grayson has been dealing with.

According to Teen Vogue, Grayson stated that the stress of creating for their huge audience is something that he has struggled with in the past. The star revealed that he would get very bad bouts of anxiety when trying to think of videos that his audience would want to see from the brothers.

Grayson revealed that recently his stress led to him punching his hand through a window. He stated that at the time he did not know what he was doing and compared it to a serious loss of control.

Grayson required medical attention for the injury

The YouTuber had to have another surgery on his hand as a result, as the injuries he suffered were quite severe.

Ethan also commented on the incident and told their fans that he was scared for his brother. He hated to see Grayson in so much pain and discomfort and said that it was the first time that the brothers came clean about what has been happening in their lives.

Grayson then stated that he felt like he had let his fans down when they didn't get another video out during the week.

This shows just how much the star is affected by trying to get content out to his fans. The YouTuber told his fans that he couldn't keep up the facade of being the perfect entertainer anymore and needed to finally let them know what was happening.