This season on "Big Brother 19" is just like it normally is where everyone is getting stabbed in the back. Now on the Live feeds, Dominique is upset and saying that she feels like her own side betrayed her. She was shocked by the way that the votes went down this week and wants to know why she was in the dark.

What has Dominique so upset

This week Dominique was sure that Cody would be the one sent home, which was exactly what happened, but all of the votes didn't go the way she expected. She says that someone voted for Ramses and it wasn't her. Everyone saw Christmas make that vote from her hospital bed, but nobody really understood why she did it.

If it was to shake things up in the house, then it worked the way she wanted it to work.

Alex actually told Dom that if she can find out who wants Dom out of the house, she will put them up. She is obviously on her side. Dom tells Paul how upset she is and that she feels like it was a personal attack on her. Dom wants to make sure that everyone knows that it wasn't her that voted for Ramses this week.

What else is going down?

Christmas is back in the "BB19" house, and she is seen talking to Jessica. These two weren't getting along great before, but now Christmas and Jessica are saying that they want to try and get along. Who knows how long that will last, but for now they are going to try it out.

Everyone else is trying to figure out if Christmas really voted to get Cody out or not. Everyone at home knows that she didn't, but the "Big Brother 19" house doesn't have their proof just yet. Paul says that he already sees their alliance slipping away. It is pretty early in the game for that to happen, but it looks like it just might be happening already.

Kevin and James are also seen talking about who to get out next. They bring up Matt and Ramses. Alex will then join them to chat. It appears that they are all on the same page.

It seems like they are competing in the Power of Veto competition tonight. Those spoilers will be out soon and fans will get to see it on an episode of "Big Brother 19" this week.

Are you surprised that Dominique is so upset by what went down with the votes this week? Do you feel like her side is turning against her? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss the new episodes of "Big Brother 19" on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday on CBS. If you feel like you are missing too much, now is the time to get the live feeds or at least tune into "Big Brother After Dark" every night.