The programs vying for the Emmy Best Drama Series have just been announced. Previous Emmy winner "Game of Thrones" is out of contention this year, as the Emmy voting period fell between seasons of the hit series. "The Handmaid's Tale," (the television adaptation of Margaret Atwood's novel) garnered 13 Emmy nominations.

This year’s Emmy Awards will unfold in September, many people have already publicly congratulated the Actors And Actresses who have snagged nominations. Drama-adventure dramas that have been successful on popular streaming services, including the Netflix original “The Crown” and “Stranger Things” are among those in the running for outstanding drama at the 2017 awards event.

Other contenders for best drama are "This is Us," "Better Call Saul," "House of Cards," and "Westworld."

Sweep of Emmy nominations

The sweep of nominations for “The Handmaid’s Tale” did not come as a big surprise for entertainment industry insiders. The makers of the series have carefully considered the kind of issue-laden stories they would put out on television for the world to see. The drama’s setting is the Republic of Gilead, where women serve as handmaids or “vessels” of procreation, their rights stripped by the theocratic military dictatorship.

The Hulu original television series deviates from Atwood’s book in that current societal circumstances were considered. The characters of the riveting television series, portrayed by bankable actors and actresses, are also very relatable.

It is a totally alternate universe that still retains the essence of the book. Certain issues were downplayed while others were underscored.

Talented cast members earn acting nominations

The drama series’ talented cast members, including Samira Wiley, who plays the black handmaid Moira; Alexis Bledel, who portrays Ofglen; Elizabeth Moss, who plays the main protagonist; and Ann Dowd (“Aunt Lydia”), reaped nominations.

Moss ("Mad Men") elicits much attention as the handmaid who exerts huge effort to survive and search for her daughter.

The suspense-filled drama series premiered on Hulu in April. The program's appeal to modern-day viewers may be because of the theme of female empowerment. Indeed, “The Handmaid’s Tale” has resonated to a wide range of audiences. The show’s producers are working on the drama’s second season, which may possibly enter production stage by September.