John Moreland has been writing songs that build homes in the heart for years. They are not just memorable, John Moreland songs make habitats in the soul, and call listeners back to their dwellings over and over. It's not by accident that one of his most beloved songs is “Nobody Gives a Damn About Songs Anymore,” because every sinew of John Moreland’s being is devoted to songs—songs that speak of love, sadness, elation, blues, and betrayal on levels deeper than the classic ballads. He is never afraid to probe the depths of emotion. He has created four formidable collections of Americana/Roots music since 2011, and Rolling Stone has heralded his latest album, Big Bad Luv,” as “stunning” and its capture both the “the pure and punishing” in life.

John Moreland has more paid enough penance to deserve some good in life and career. Love transformed the songwriter's life last year, and his new joy radiates through verses, without robbing other truths in his themes. Anthony Mason of CBS interviewed John Moreland before the singer-songwriter performed a bluesy and beautiful set of songs from “Big Bad Luv” on "Saturday Sessions."

It’s the soul that matters

Some critics are calling John Moreland “the new face of folk rock,” and he fully relates that “I don't look like a rockstar.” While both those assertions may be true, John Moreland is loving life in the moment. The slow climb to successful career has been a blessing, because Moreland also takes his time with music, working through songs to find the truth that each song wants him to express.

Love took time for John Moreland to find, also, but there was no question when his future wife, Pearl, walked by at a folk music festival. He ended his conversation immediately, knowing he had found the love of a lifetime.

Besides the promises around “till death do us part,” Mrs. Moreland puts her husband’s success into perspective, because he may not even notice.

“You got a standing ovation,” his wife will remind her artist husband after a show. He is so absorbed in getting the songs out from his soul that he doesn't even see. John Moreland made peace a while ago with being himself, so he’s not thrown by recent success. “I knew I was going to be playing the bar, or catching the door,” he resigns.

No door will do anything but welcome John Moreland through for a long time to come. Miranda Lambert marvels at his precision in writing songs for every feeling.

Blues to ballad

John Moreland opened his set with “Sallisaw Blue.” The song gives the album its title as a flashing sign proclaims “big bad luv,” and the blazing guitar solo midway through, makes you yearn for more. It's refreshing to find Moreland savoring the feel of being in a full band, leaving behind the solitary stool.

Moreland sounds at his soulful best on the harmonica-laced “Amen So Be It,” a rootsy and resolute rocker that comes to terms with leaving some things behind to move forward to better days. “Love Is Not the Answer’ rounds out the morning’s songs with simple acoustic and keyboard. The ballad muses on love, not as a concept, but rather a vital human connection.

John Moreland made a meaningful connection with most of the world this morning. May his music keep talking.