"Supernatural"’s Winchester boys have demonstrated remarkable facility with a grenade launcher, but how would they fair with a bow and arrow? If "Arrow"’s Stephen Amell gets his wish, we may soon find out.

It’s not the first time Amell (Oliver Queen) has voiced a desire to work with his off-screen pals, and it probably won’t be the last. Now, however, the potential for a superhero/hunter crossover is entirely in the hands of the "Supernatural" team.

Oliver Queen meets the Winchesters?

If Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) were baffled by the appearance of "Supernatural"’s parallel universe, the advent of metas and aliens would have the brothers longing for the days when Azazel was their greatest foe.

And yet, "Arrow"’s Stephen Amell is championing a crossover that would do just that.

As "Arrow" gears up for its 6th season and "Supernatural" juggernaut prepares to step in front of the camera for its 13th, a meeting between the Star City vigilant and the Men of Letters legacies can’t be discussed without equivocation.

“That’s really up to Jensen and Jared. I heard that ["Supernatural"’s] getting a spinoff, which is exciting, but as the much, much, much, much, much, much, much, more senior members of the CW family…it really would be about finding a moment in their schedule to make all the fans happy,” Amell teased during a Facebook Q&A. “I’m totally up for it. I’m not trying to pass the buck, but the buck is now sitting at their feet.”

The salient fact of the matter is, however, that the Arrowverse and the world of "Supernatural" are not exactly compatible.

On the one hand, you have aliens, metas, and a female president while, on the other hand, you have angels, demons, and every other boogieman that goes bump in the night. If you drive the Impala into the Glades, you’ll saddle each series with a background that doesn’t compute.

Granted, as of finale season, both series had two significant plot points in common – not only did Oliver, Sam, and Dean each reach an unfathomable new emotional nadir, but "Supernatural" also worked to integrate their own version of the "Arrow" multiverse into its cannon.

Nevertheless, Amell’s other pitch gains A-level marks for plausibility…

A new 'Supernatural' guest star?

Instead of a proper crossover, the DC star is ready and willing to thumb open a grimoire and find himself on the wrong end of the Winchesters’ rifle.

“I’ll take a day rate, walk on,” Amell teased, according to Screen Rant. “As long as I’m murdered – horribly – preferably not by Misha [Collins], but by [Padalecki or Ackles].”

Which would you prefer to see? Catch the "Supernatural" and "Arrow" fall premieres on Oct. 12 starting at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.