Cody Nickson went on “Big Brother,” not “The Bachelor,” but he walked out of the CBS summertime house as a man in love. The ousted “Big Brother 19” houseguest told Us Weekly that he can’t even put into words how strong his feelings are for Jessica Graf, the “Big Brother” beauty who stood by his side as the other houseguests turned against him. Cody’s showmance may have partly led to his demise in the “BB19” game, but he seems to think it was worth it.

Nickson told Us that essentially “for two weeks straight” it was just Jessica and him as the other houseguests shunned them.

The single dad revealed he is now “co-dependent” on Jessica after spending 16 hours a day “side by side, talking to her, holding her.” Cody clearly misses his reality TV girlfriend, whom he asked to be his real life girlfriend as he walked out the “Big Brother” front door. Only time will tell if he’ll have to wait until late September, when “Big Brother 19” ends, to see her again.

Why Cody’s showmance turned into more

Cody said he is humbled by how loyal Jessica was to him throughout his rocky three-week reign in the “Big Brother” game, and now that they have been separated, he can’t even go to the bathroom or brush his teeth without wanting her right there by his side. While he claims that he was always an independent guy, Cupid hit Cody hard with the Jessica arrow.

Nickson says he cherishes every moment he had with Jess and he hopes to continue his relationship with her outside the “Big Brother” house.

Will ‘Jody’ be reunited?

Cody will get a chance to go back into the “Big Brother” game, thanks to the upcoming Battle Back twist, which grants one of the first four evicted houseguests a chance to return to the game.

If it pans out, it could pave the way for part two of Cody and Jessica’s reality TV love story. Still, when it comes to the game, Nickson may let his woman call the shots.

Cody says at this point he completely trusts Jessica’s judgment on who she wants to align herself with—even if it doesn’t include him. Nickson previously told TV Guide that Jessica called him “the worst player in ‘Big Brother’ history,” and he seems to agree with her on that.

Now, Cody admits his only real regret in the “Big Brother” game is that he took risks and made poor decisions that may have affected Jessica’s chance at winning the $500,000 grand prize.

“Big Brother” airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS. The special Battle back episode airs Friday, July 21 on CBS.