Julianne Hough’s honeymoon with new husband Brooks Laich is currently taking place in a magical, tropical paradise, but it’s the “Dancing With The Stars” judge’s picture perfect abs that really have her fans green with envy. One week after her outdoor dream wedding in Idaho, Julianne posted a cute Instagram shot of herself lounging on a tree swing in an undisclosed tropical location while honeymooning with Brooks.

The bikini shot shows off Julianne’s serious abs, reminding fans that this newlywed’s dancer’s body is one to aspire to.

What is Julianne’s secret?

Derek Hough’s little sister is a lifelong dancer, so she doesn’t appear to have struggled with her weight, at least not during her adult life. But the secret to Julianne’s insane physique isn’t just dancing. The new wife told People she regularly takes Core Power yoga classes to keep in shape and she loads up with protein-packed meals. She also tracks her moves with her trusty Fitbit Alta HR. Julianne also revealed that she doesn’t deny her food cravings as long as she is “being consistent” with her nutrition and activity. Julianne’s biggest tip is to hydrate by drinking four to six glasses of water a day.

Julianne Hough shared her Food Diary with People. Her food diary entries include a pre-workout green juice drink loaded with veggies, and a healthy steamed egg breakfast with sliced avocado and tomato.

For her morning tea, Julianne skips the sugar and instead adds a scoop of Stevia.

Julianne also gets some of her healthy recipe ideas from her trainer, Harley Pasternak, including a smoothie made with almonds, apple, banana, and yogurt. Lunch is often a boneless, skinless chicken breast with mixed greens, while dinner could be salmon with sautéed spinach.

Are carbs off limits for the ‘DWTS’ judge?

Julianne previously told Us Weekly she doesn’t have an issue with eating carbs, as long as she eats them in moderation. She enjoys small amounts of rice, pasta, and bread in her diet. Her favorite meal happens to be chicken, veggies, and sweet potatoes.

Ahead of her wedding day, Julianne told People she would probably want to enjoy the night before her big day with a beer and a burger.

But she made it clear if she has a "cheat” day, the next day she gets back on track with a healthy diet. She probably indulged a bit on her wedding day, but based on her gorgeous honeymoon photos, she’s living on love right now instead of food.