Melissa Rauch, the "Big Bang Theory" actress, has made the official announcement of her pregnancy on Tuesday. Basically, Rauch is currently pregnant with her first child following the miscarriage that she previously suffered from. In one of her statements, the actress has shared all the details of her journey to motherhood. A report from E! News has confirmed that the actress was overjoyed after learning that she is pregnant again.

Amid her previous miscarriage, the "Big Bang Theory" star admitted that she has been terrified that it will happen again.

Her previous experience was one of the deepest sorrows that she had. Hence, Rauch will do everything in order to take good care of the new life that she has inside her womb.

First bundle of joy

Despite the painful trauma that she went through over her miscarriage, the actress was very overwhelmed as she will soon welcome her first child to husband, Winston. On a lengthy essay that she wrote, the actress revealed that her past pregnancy has caused her a primal depression. Nonetheless, Rauch was very thankful since she has been given another chance to carry her first child.

With all the struggles she went through, she admitted that she had been reading lots of articles about pregnancy and fertility.

She even felt it a stab in her heart as she waited for another chance of becoming pregnant. Fortunately, her long wait is over and right now, Rauch and her husband have been preparing all the things they need for their first born.

Fertility struggles

Rauch also confirmed that she went through certain issues with her fertility.

A report from E! News also shared that the actress has been jealous of other women before who already had their own children. Nevertheless, she would always felt the guilt for being envious of other women. She also shared that she tried keeping her eyes on her own situation. However, the actress also admitted that bearing another baby in her womb was a lot of struggle on her.

For the entire time of miscarriage, she admitted mourning for many days. However, all the pain has turned out into joy when she finally learned about her recent pregnancy. The sadness she went through has been her strength in order to overcome all her struggles including her fertility. Meanwhile, most of her fans were also happy after learning the latest news. Right now, everyone wishes for Rauch to finally have a safe and healthy pregnancy journey for the second time around.