There are so many TV shows taking a break this week and fans want to know if that is the case for “The Big Bang Theory” season 10. This is one show that fans constantly question, as CBS has a bad habit of not giving much warning about its schedule. We have all the information that you need about the upcoming new episode of “TBBT.”

No new episode of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ this week

For fans who are excited to see an all-new episode of “The Big Bang Theory,” there is some bad news. There isn’t going to be a new episode of the show this week. Instead, there will be a rerun of the show, as is usual when CBS skips a week of the popular comedy program.

This week’s rerun will link to last week’s new episode. It is called “The Geology Elevation,” when Bert wins the McArthur Grant. Sheldon finds himself jealous of his colleague’s accomplishments, especially when he views geology as an inferior form of science. Howard finds a miniature version of Stephen Hawkin that he made and spends the episode wanting to show it to the scientists himself.

A new episode will return next week with the 22nd episode of the 10th season. The show will then continue back-to-back with all-new episodes of “The Big Bang Theory” until the season finale on May 11.

New episodes return in a week

The next new episode of “The Big Bang Theory” doesn’t have a name or synopsis yet.

There isn’t a trailer to get any idea what the show will be about. This is typical of CBS. There likely won’t be anything about the episode until tomorrow. CBS has a habit of releasing trailers and information about new episodes a week before the new episode—usually after the newest episode has finished airing.

Many TV shows do this.

However, when there is a planned break, the networks will usually release the trailer a week early, after the newest episode airs. This gives fans the information they need to prepare for a week off from their favorite shows.

The planned week off isn’t bad news for “The Big Bang Theory.” CBS has already confirmed that the show has been renewed for another two years.

The network has also greenlighted the pilot for spinoff “Little Sheldon,” which will likely air in the half-hour slot after new episodes of “The Big Bang Theory.”

The show will return in a week’s time. We’ll bring you all the information about the newest episode as soon as we have it. Until then, you can enjoy a repeat of a popular “The Big Bang Theory” episode on CBS tonight. You can also stream some episodes online right now and there are always DVDs to watch to remind you of the earlier days of the show.