Beyoncé, the 35-year old superstar, was reportedly spotted for the first time in public after she gave birth to her Twins a month ago. She was seen arriving for dinner in Malibu, California together with her husband, jay z, on that Wednesday night. As per a report from Entertainment Tonight, the couple arrived at the venue around 8:00 in the evening just in time for their meal.

Both arrived in their separate cars and were guarded by their security guards. Prior to their arrival, their securities were reportedly checking the parking lot as they arrived at the Escalade. Seconds after, Beyoncé arrived with her security guards from a separate car and another guard from Nobu has guarded them on that night.

Official names of the newborn

To recall, the popular diva gave birth to her twins with Jay Z last month. According to the report from Entertainment Tonight, the couple has decided to give their twins the names, Sir and Rumi Carter. However, despite the news, the couple is yet to announce the official names of their newborn twins.

Meanwhile, Jay Z has also talked about his relationship with Beyoncé just recently as he talked about his new and popular album, "4:44." He shared that both of them had also shared struggles together. This means to say that even their relationship went through rough situations a lot of times.

Nevertheless, the couple has decided to fix every situation they both been through which brought them to their 9-year marriage.

Further, fans were also happy after learning that Beyoncé is finally out in public again.

Exclusive dinner

It was believed that the famous couple has shared a romantic sushi dinner together in one of the exclusive places in Malibu. They were spotted spending time at the restaurant for about three hours while having their securities around them.

A total of 10 guards were present during their dinner in order to ensure the safety of the couple.

On the brighter side, the couple needs not to travel too far in order to enjoy their dinner. It was believed that Beyoncé and Jay Z are now residing at their new mansion in Malibu. Hence, they can still choose to stay close to their twins despite having their time together outside the home.

Further, it was also known that the couple has just bought their $40,000-worth mansion and the entire family plans to stay in their new place until summer.

As of this time, both have focused their time on their children. It seemed that their entire life has changed since the twins have finally come out into this world.

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