Shannon Purser was happy to announce the amazing news that she just got an Emmy Nomination for being an outstanding guest actress on the drama series, "Stranger Things." Just a couple of hours after she learned about the news, Purser has shared her excitement to Entertainment Tonight as she finally was given justice to the portrayal of her role.

She was known for working on her beloved drama series on Netflix and perhaps, her first nomination has made her very overwhelmed. She apparently considered the news a bigger one since she only had limited scenes on the said series. It was believed that her guest appearance only lasted for four episodes.

Nomination News

The 20-year old actress has learned about her nomination news through the social media. Most of her fans have demanded justice over her character. Hence, Emmy Awards has finally recognized her for her portrayal. She was on her flight to Vancouver when she finally got the good news. A report from Entertainment Tonight also shared that the young actress is also slated to appear on the upcoming season of "Riverdale."

When she turned on her phone, she was overwhelmed when she read all the tweets from Twitter. She also revealed that she got a number of text messages which talked about her Emmy nomination.

She tried to keep her cool; however, she simply couldn't hide how happy she was after learning the news.

Purser's career

It was believed that the career of this 20-year old actress started to grow in heights when she first appeared on the "Stranger Things" series on Netflix. Since the series premiere, Purser has been recognized by the viewers with her craft in acting.

She also had her movie last summer, "Wish Upon," and also joined CW's "Riverdale" series.

Amid her nomination, Purser has shared that she was kind of afraid and overwhelmed on the early success of her career. However, she is trying to look at it as a great privilege. She felt honored and has admitted that such recognition has added up to her faith towards herself.

Receiving a nomination for the first time was, in fact, an incredible thing for the young actress.

Further, she also shared that she has been also grateful to "Riverdale" for an amazing experience. Amid the chances that she has been compared to other talents, Purser has stepped out among others in the acting industry. Her fans had also freaked out after learning about her nomination. Several tweets flooded on to Twitter and most of them had congratulated Purser with such milestone being an actress of her generation.

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