Beyonce is pregnant with twins and joyfully bared her baby bump in some intimate photos with Jay-Z and blue ivy. A pic of Queen Bey cradling her naked belly set a world record for most Instagram likes. Some folks fretted over Beyonce's "racy" pics. But doctors worry about bigger issues like weight loss or gain, age, and other complications in this high-risk pregnancy.

Beyonce shares 'babies bump'

The "Lemonade" singer is bursting with joy to have, as she put it, "three hearts." She shared her babies bump on social media and the first picture broke a Guiness World Record getting 6 million likes in 24 hours.

The photo showed Beyonce in bra and panties proudly displaying her nude belly. Some found it inappropriate that Beyonce would pose virtually naked. Making pregnancy look seductive isn't exclusive to Kim Kardashian: many new moms share such photos.

Pregnant Beyonce is full of life

Knowles is also overjoyed and shared a deluge of other family photos to mark her momentous pregnancy. Blue Ivy kisses mom's tummy in some pictures. There are happy pics with daddy Jay-Z and even some old photos of her mom Tina Knowles. Most everyone was delighted along with Beyonce and saw only glowing motherhood. But the internet crowd is fickle. The same folks who applaud celebrities like Kylie Jenner for "boldy" going nude turn Victorian-prude over an unclothed stomach or breastfeeding mom.

And don't you dare show a picture of your child cuddling his dead puppy, as "Teen Mom 3" star Mackenzie McKee learned.

Doctors aren't so keen on Beyonce's pregnancy

A twins pregnancy is risky to begin with. The "Single Ladies" singer is 35-years-old and her age compounds the dangers. Risks include gestational diabetes, weight loss and weight gain, pre-eclampsia, placenta previa, placental abruption, and varicose veins, among others.

Maternal obesity increases the likelihood of complications. Beyonce isn't obese or overweight so that's one less concern. Janet Jackson put on lots of weight during her already-dangerous pregnancy at 50. But she delivered a healthy baby a few months ago. As a dancer, Beyonce is in great shape. She appears to be gaining only the recommended weight and staying healthy.