bethenny frankel headed to her Southampton home this weekend to celebrate the Fourth Of July with some friends. On Instagram, Bethenny had plenty of stories that she shared with friends and fans. The weather was great, the pool was open, and it sounds like the booze was flowing as well.

Throughout the weekend, Bethenny Frankel shared some pictures and recipes on social media hinting how she celebrated the Fourth of July with her friends. But she also revealed that this was a time for her to relax. She had been very busy with work over the past couple of weeks.

Ever since Bethenny got divorced from Jason Hoppy, the two of them have shared custody of their daughter Bryn. She has revealed that when she does have Bryn, she's with her daughter 24/7 and she loves that they can be together so much as she's running her own business.

She works hardcore when her daughter isn't around

When Bryn is with her father, Bethenny puts all of her energy into her business and she works a lot. She has revealed that sometimes she may be working too much doing these gaps when Bryn is with her father. So when Bethenny revealed on Twitter this weekend that she was relaxing, many fans thought that it was about time she took a break.

Bethenny Frankel felt the need to clarify what she meant by her tweet when one fan wrote to her that it was about time that she took a break and calm down a bit as she had been working so much.

Bethenny runs her own massive company called Skinnygirl, but she's also busy filming “The Real Housewives of New York,” and a brand-new reality show was Fredrik Eklund that will focus on real estate and flipping properties in New York.

In her tweet, Bethenny explained that she did need a break and she did need to relax because she's worked so much when Bryn was with her father.

She reveals that her Nervous System needed the break, perhaps because she was on full overdrive the time that she was working on her business.

'RHONY' star remains an inspiration to fans

Many people look up to Bethenny Frankel because of her decision to start a business. Even though Frankel got divorced from Jason and didn't fight to keep the marriage alive, many people adore her for standing up for what she wanted and still making time for her daughter Bryn when they are indeed together.

And one can imagine that Bethenny is also inspiring women who are working just as hard, by saying that she needed time to relax and that her nervous system needed a break.

What do you think about Bethenny Frankel working as hard as she does? Do you think success can be blamed on her crazy work schedule or perhaps just because she's a very smart businesswoman?