bethenny frankel has long since been over jason hoppy despite their divorce only being finalized earlier this year. They were married for a few years and their separation and divorce took four years. Their daughter has been caught in the middle and now, she is being used to further hurt and abuse Frankel. Last night on "The Real Housewives of New York," Bethenny opened up to the girls about what life has been like over the last few years. Her response was negative, which isn't surprising given the constant drama Jason Hoppy brings to her life.

Living in h*ll

One thing about Bethenny Frankel is that she doesn't mince words. She is candid about it all, including what is happening in her private life. According to the Hollywood Gossip, she is still stuck in a torture chamber with Jason Hoppy. He has been completely over the top with her, essentially crossing lines that should never be crossed. In fact, she had to file a restraining order against him. The two will be going to trial over that because Frankel alleges Hoppy stalks her. When Bethenny was explaining her situation to the ladies on "The Real Housewives of New York" last night, she used words like torture chamber, stuck in s**t, and living in h*ll. It wasn't a pretty description.

Fans of the show are well aware of things being tense between Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy. In fact, he was living in her apartment while she was hotel hopping when she rejoined the show two seasons ago. A lot has changed for her, including selling the place he once lived in and moving into something better. The apartment sold for quite a lot of money, which was featured at the beginning of the season.

Bethenny wants to be done

When talking about her experience she said that she regretted going with heart. This was a conversation Bethenny had with LuAnn D'Agostino shortly before she married the man who had cheated on last season. Frankel's advice was to think about everything. Using logic and facts could have saved her from the place she is at now and that is something she deeply regrets.

If she didn't share a daughter with Jason Hoppy, she could have been easily rid of him. Now, she is stuck with him for life through the bond of her daughter.

There is no update about when Bethenny Frankel will go to trial with Jason Hoppy yet. Fans are hoping she is granted whatever she needs in order for him to leave her alone and allow her to move on with her life in a normal manner.