Ryan Serhant is one of the real estate agents on “Million Dollar Listing New York,” and this season he's been working harder than ever. Based on his social media activity, it sounds like Ryan is up super early in the morning to go to the gym and he's working on weekends to close deals around New York City.

Ryan Serhant revealed that he is opening an office in Brooklyn this year as part of his expansion plans to take over the country. He has already opened an office on the west coast, which means that he is now bicoastal. But Serhant does not know how to take a break once in a while, revealing on Instagram last week that his wife had been planning a huge surprise trip for them both to celebrate their birthdays.

Emilia surprised husband with European getaway

Based on the social media post, it sounds like Emila Bechrakis surprised Ryan Serhant with a trip to Greece. This is where they got married a year ago and one can imagine that he was psyched that they would be going back. This trip would also celebrate both of their birthdays and they would enjoy some time together over the long holiday weekend, which just took place in the United States.

However, even though Ryan was on a vacation with his wife, it sounds like he could not leave the deals in New York alone. In one of the pictures he shared from the trip, he hinted that the deals don't close themselves and that he was having spotty Wi-Fi. This led him to use a pay phone to close deals while he was on his vacation.

Could their work ruin their relationships?

Of course, Ryan Serhant isn’t the only “Million Dollar Listing New York” star closing deals while on vacation. Just a few years ago, Fredrik Eklund’s husband, Derek Kaplan, decided to throw his husband’s phone into the ocean after he was spending too much time closing deals while they were on vacation.

At one point it sounded like Fredrik and Derek wouldn't be getting married on the trip after all because he was so frustrated with him working so much. It sounds like these agents truly want to close deals and be there for their clients, even if it means that their personal lives are affected.

What do you think about Ryan Serhant making deals despite being on a trip with his wife?

Do you think this proves that he's dedicated to his clients, no matter where he is? Do you think their hardcore work schedules could potentially cause trouble in their relationships down the road if they continue working so much?