Ben Affleck has finally put an end to the rumors surrounding his Caped Crusader role on Dc Extended Universe during their promotion of the upcoming “Justice League” movie at Warner brothers presentation at the San Diego Comic-con last Saturday.

According to the recent spreading rumors, the 44-year old actor was dropping his Caped Crusader role in the upcoming film “The Batman.”

The Batfleck lives on

During their “Justice League” panel at the San Diego Comic-con last Saturday, Ben Affleck finally shot down the swirling speculations surrounding his Batman role by saying how thrilled he was on doing it.

Affleck told the crowd that he was the luckiest guy in the world for having the role and that Batman is the coolest part of any universe, be it DC and Marvel. He then continued on promoting their highly anticipated upcoming movie.

He also told Entertainment Weekly that after doing two movies as the Caped Crusader in the DC Extended Universe, the part remains on him. He also intends on doing a third one if Warner Bros wants to.

And Batman makes three

Affleck is set to reprise the iconic role three times according to his contract. Having done two movies already (Batman v Superman and Justice League), his third appearance on the contract was planned to be on the Justice League sequel. However, since the Justice League sequel is currently unclear, his third Caped Crusader appearance will most likely be in “The Batman.” Affleck was originally set to direct the superhero film.

However, he decided to step down from the director role and was replaced by Matt Reeves who is currently known for his work on the War for the Planet of the Apes.

Affleck stepping down as the director

Warner Brothers immediately contacted Matt Reeves to helm the production of the upcoming film “The Batman” after Affleck decided to step down from directing it.

Affleck expressed his excitement after learning what Matt Reeves has in sleeves for the movie and he couldn’t be happier to work with the director on the upcoming superhero movie.

Affleck also clarified that the reason why he dropped the directing part was that in order to give his very best performance in the role, he needed a partner in a director role to collaborate with on the film. Later on, the Warner Brothers studio released a statement, stating that they fully support Ben Affleck's decision and would remain committed to bringing the Batman picture to life.