It has been a while since Scott Disick and Bella Throne have made headlines. It looks as if both of them are enjoying time with each other. The pair fueled up the rumors that something was happening between them when they were first spotted in LAX as they head off to Cannes for a gala event. Eventually, the rumored couple has been taking steamy photos while having their stay in Cannes. Could this mean something romantic is happening between them?

'Nothing serious. Purely hooking up,' sources say

The 19-year old American actress has been spotted and snapped kissing the self-proclaimed sex addict, Scott Disick, in the poolside of the luxury villa where they have been staying.

A source that is close to Disick confirms that the pair is plainly hooking up and having fun. Also, nothing romantic is going beyond their relationship.

To recall, both of them have known each other for a while now. And basically, there recent photos from Cannes clearly showed how close they are getting to each other. In one playful afternoon on Wednesday, both enjoyed lounging by the pool while listening to the groove of the music. After they had enjoyed lunch together in their villa, Disick threw Throne in the pool as well as her older sister, Dani.

In return, Throne pushed him in. Disick can be seen in all big smiles and was soaking wet. Further, reports claim that both of them were drunk and Disick got out of the pool and dragged Throne closer to him.

One of the sources revealed that they were both drenched in their clothes while kissing each other near the poolside. Apparently, they were having a good time!

Bella used to be friends with Kardashian-Jenner clan

Amidst the controversies between Disick and new flame, Throne, it has been known that she has been a close friend to Disick's former girlfriend, Kourtney Kardashian.

During their Disney days, Throne has been a good friend to Kylie. They even had shared photos together in December 2011 during the Popstar! Magazine Party.

Further, most of the time, Throne and Jenner have been spotted going out together. In December 2012, both had their lunch in Los Angeles, and they were still great friends even up to April 2013.

To recall, Jenner even tweeted a photo of her with the 19-year old actress while making some silly faces.

In September 2015, both of them looked fully grown up and were also spotted in Vera Wang fashion week. These girls also snapped a photo together. Hence, with the Throne-Disick flaming relationship, speculations claim that this might affect her friendship with Kardashian-Jenner. Meanwhile, the "Famous in Love" actress hasn't made any comments yet.