Ever since “Arrow” started, the relationship between lead protagonist Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) and Diggle (David Ramsey) has been one of the most impactful aspects of the show. However, it seems like things are about to change in Season 6.

It can be recalled that John Diggle has always been the one who advises Oliver Queen. He was initially hired as the rich boy’s body guard in season 1 after Oliver returned from years of being in hell. It took time before they finally learned to trust each other and later on, Oliver decided to reveal himself as the Green Arrow.

John Diggle to be at his weakest in ‘Arrow’ Season 6

“Arrow” season 5 ended with the explosion on the island of Lian Yu. Lots of fan theories popped up such as speculations about those who survived and did not. At some point, viewers cannot apparently imagine a show without John Diggle.

Aside from his relationship with Oliver, another concern would be leaving his family behind, his wife Lyla (Audrey Marie Anderson) and his son. According to Comic Book, the explosion will have a significant impact on Diggle’s life. He will reportedly be alive, but his life is going to be twisted undesirably. In other words, things will never be the same again for him.

"I think specifically for Diggle; he is going to lose some things.

This relationship [between Oliver and Diggle] is going to change, I think,” said the 45-year-old actor in an interview. He added his role would need Oliver in a way that he has never needed him before.

Moreover, Stephen Amell also described a scene in “Arrow” Season 6 where things are going the other way around. Oliver was giving Diggle the advice just like how the latter did in the early seasons.

Will John Diggle and Lyla’s marriage end?

Additional speculations suggest that he and Lyla might be facing a possible split up. It can be recalled that the latter did not have an idea her husband was on the island. The tension will naturally be between them once he returns to Star City. On the other hand, it was also speculated that the director of ARGUS and her team arrived in Lian Yu on the day of the explosion and her life will be compromised.

Meanwhile, our previous report revealed a villain named “Richard Dragon,” which the show confirmed during the panel in San Diego Comic-con. The cast was quite timid to unveil all the details away, but even a few spoilers really hyped the con-goers.

Furthermore, viewers will have no choice but to wait for more updates when “ArrowSeason 6 returns on October 12.